Dolamite Stone Prices

Dolamite Stone Prices

Composed of magnesium and calcium carbonate, dolomite is an important mineral for industry. It can be used in various areas such as interior and exterior decorations of the spaces.

Dolamit stones are generally white in color due to the compositions in them they are also offered in different colors for decoration use. Small and flat of these stones are mostly preferred for garden decorations. In addition, dolomite stone prices are quite affordable.

As a company, we create suitable options for dolomite stone prices. Dimensions; The unit price of stones ranging from 1-3 cm, 3-5 cm and 5-7 cm is quite affordable. desired dimensions and weight features are taken into consideration While determining the prices of dolomite stones. It is important to choose the dolomite stones according to the area you will use. In applications made this way, A much more proportional view is obtained.

dolomite which is found widely in the world and turkey, can be produced anywhere without reserve problem.

USA is the leading country in producing the most dolomite. approximately one million tons of dolomite are produced in Belgium, Austria, England, Spain, Poland, Japan, Brazil, Canada, Australia and Germany in addition.

Dolamit stones are obtained from nature. Therefore, it is possible to observe differences in sizes. dolomite stones are generally used for interior and exterior decoration, in the aquarium, in a glass vase, as an ornamental stone in flowerpot bottoms.

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