Dolamite Stone

Dolomite, a mineral consisting of a carbonate composition containing calcium and magnesium, is important geologically.

Dolomite stone, are one of the carbonated rocks, that can be used in many fields, such as industries. By their given physical and chemical structure, they have more than thirty useable ways. They are used in many different fields such as highway and railway constructions, concrete construction, fertilizer construction, land reclamation, cement, brick, glass industry, chemical industry, iron and steel industry.

Dolomite production in Turkey are carried out in a wide area. It can be found almost everywhere in more or less. Dolomites in our country are mostly suitable for industrial sector use, and their iron content is generally very low. They are produced in various sizes, dolomite stone can be used in such decorative, ornamentation, home, garden entrance and pavement projects. These stones have been used extensively in the landscape industry over the past decade. Dolomite stones are generally preferred as ornamental stones by landscape industries.

Among the dolomite stone types with different colors, the most preferred are the white ones.

White Dolomite is a bold statement in contrast. The grey tones of the staggered veining reverberate an elegant aura that engulfs every design. Leading the latest contemporary designs, White Dolomite is a daring alternative to common white or grey marbles. A true natural masterpiece, White Dolomite harmonises with both light and dark elements effortlessly. Providing depth through its alluring beauty, Super White is inspiring the most luxurious designs of the year.

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