Landscape Stones

Landscape means the place or view being looked at. This shows that the activities around the landscape profession are related to other professional groups. Among these are architecture, city planning, geography and of course fine arts. Its relationship with fine ar

feature because there is nobody who is not affected by looking at landscape views and who does not find beauty in it.

Landscape succeeds in synthesizing two important civil matters together. These are nature and culture. The importance given to both shows the soundness of the foundation of civilization. A beautiful reflection of this is manifested in the landscape. For example, the landscape in Turkey is not the same compared to that of Italy. Because endemic plants are used in landscaping in our country, natural beauties and cultural architectural studies, even natural stone properties will be different from other countries. Of course, at this point, the landscape stones will determine their aesthetic style.

The landscape has its own classification. Arrangements are made by considering the objects in nature in the natural landscape. Cultural landscape can be presented in different formats such as rural landscape, urban landscape, industrial landscape, road landscape, forest landscape and tourist landscape.

Of course, a mixed synthesis can also be a landscape application. It is possible to obtain landscaping stones made of different natural stones from our company.

Landscape Stones

You will be very satisfied with the quality of these affordable products. Landscape stones consists of different natural stone types such as dolamite, pebble, cliff, black angel rock stones, river stone, granite, slate, cube stone, gneiss rock. You will like our products very much.

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