Natural Stone Prices


Many different minerals can be gathered together in the content of stones under the name of rock or other. Since very few of them have value for humanity, they have been extracted and processed by different methods since ancient times. These are within the scope of natural stone and are of value due to the combination of various minerals. For example, the mineral and its workability feature containing marble or granite have attracted the attention of societies due to its aesthetic appearance and this type of natural stones has been tried to be removed for centuries.

After natural stones are removed from the nature, they are collected in suitable environments and then transported to the processing area. Although the methods of this vary according to the ages, natural stones were used as raw materials on the basis of all the architectural works, construction structures and urbanization examples that emerged. While natural stones are rich according to various geographical regions, this distribution varies according to natural stone types. For example, if we take the marble; The Alpine belt is the geographical area where this natural stone is the richest. Turkey is located in the marble deposits in this belt is quite rich.

The estimated reserve is 15 billion tons, which is a very high figure on a world scale, and also good quality marble deposits. The areas where our natural stone reserves spread most are Aegean, Marmara, Central Anatolia, Eastern Anatolia, S. Eastern Anatolia, Black Sea and Mediterranean Regions, respectively.

The number of natural quarries has exceeded 1500. It is said that a certain stage has been reached in terms of natural stone sector with around 2000 production facilities. In addition, the export share of the sector in the world is gradually increasing. Our company, as one of the leading names in the natural stone industry, aims to have a voice in the world markets with its corporate vision. In terms of natural stone prices, we continue our services in accordance with the standards.

It is possible to make a general classification of natural stones. However, if roughly explained, each natural stone undergoes various classifications according to its mineral structure, process of formation, chemical content in its components. The scientific classification of natural stones is as follows: Magmatic stones, sedimentary stones (sedimentary) and metamorphic stones. Transfiguration stones are also called metamorphic stones. Natural stone prices depend on these variables and their prices are determined according to their mineral structures.

Considering our country in Turkey in the production and sale of natural stone is one of the country’s 10 largest manufacturers in the world. Marble products take the first place in natural stone production and foreign marketing. An advanced level has been achieved in terms of marble technology. Our company offers a superior quality in marble technology and sales network. CE marking is applied in all our products.

Our other important product, granite, is also the 2nd important natural stone product that our country exports. Our company evaluates the orders of our esteemed customers without compromising the corporate firm service in connection with the domestic and foreign market. We are also a suitable arrangement in terms of natural stone prices and we always offer products above the standards in terms of quality. You will be satisfied with the product and service system of our company.

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