Natural Stones

A Thousand Way Natural Stones

There are many natural stones on earth. Almost all of them have different features and can be used commercially.they are famous for their durability and beauty. These stones add positive energy to our lives. They are the most popular among the fashion categories in recent years.

The effect of each stone is different on people. Let’s take a look at what these stones can do.

Cornelian; orange color and thin white patterns on the urine. This stone is good for skin diseases, nerves, nightmare and health. It turns negative energy to positive.

Move to Amazonite; It is a stone that can vary from yellow to green and from blue to green. It allows you to keep up with changes. It takes away fear. It helps you stay away from a stressful life.

Amethyst stone; It has a dark purple color. it collects all the negativities in any part of the room and It is a very effective. It provides a stress-free life. It is perfect for insomnia.

Aquamarine stone; It is blue and yellowish in color. It is good for discomfort, Especially for those with kidney disease. It is perfect against weakness. It brings abundance and increases in self-confidence.

Aventurine stone; It is light green in color and star stone its other name. It has a pleasant stone appearance. It regulates your emotional life. It is the factor in eliminating the negativities in our lives. It opens your horizons. It is a stone for those who have a wide dream world. It is also beneficial for young people.

Moonstone; it has a milk white color. It is good for egoists. It protects against the evil eye.

Turquoise stone; it has water blue color. It is good for trouble and sorrow. It helps you get rid of your troubles and allows you to get out of shock. It radiates peace.

Fluorite; Rainbow’s magnificent seven colors are imprisoned in this stone. Because of its colors it allows you to be vigorous and positive. It allows negative thoughts to fly towards the sky when you hold it in your hand. In this way, it clarifies thoughts in your mind.

Apatite stone; It is blue in color and has white lines on it. It is good for stuttering, and it is a stone that helps you get rid of mourning.

Blood stone; It is a stone that contains shades of green on blue and has red dots on it. It is good for blood-related diseases and releases positivity.

Chrysocolla stone; oval, dark green and broken structure. It takes the negative energy from us. If you have a nervous structure, it takes your tension.

Citrine stone; It has a quite bright yellow color. If you have problems with digestion, this stone will be good for you. It will also increase your self-confidence and make you feel safe.

Malachite; It is dark green in color. It has various patterns on it. This stone is good for mental problems.

There are too many natural stones on earth to count. these are the most useful and beautiful ones.

Another feature that comes to mind when we say natural stones is that, each sign has different stone features. Each sign has its own natural stones, the same way the signs of fire, water, soil and air are all different. Natural stones are used in products such as porcelain, glass industry, bracelets, earrings, rings. You can determine the stone that suits you and benefit from its advantages.

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