Rubble Stone

Stone workmanship, which is one of the architectural restoration areas, continues to advance at a very fast pace today and progresses step by step towards advancing this progress in direct proportion with various concrete elements. As a result of this, one of these concrete element groups is slope stones. As it is known, the slope contains the name given to the general outlines of the sloping land.

For this area, our company takes the utmost care that these stone groups, which constitute one of the concrete element groups for your esteemed customers, continue to perform their flooring expertly. In this way, it is possible to put forward a forward-looking nature conservation study, in order to prevent landslide.

In this condition, in which we aim to be constant with you, our valued customers, we have created this article so that you can be aware of our skill in laying the slope production on the floors both colorless and colorful by always standing with you.

In order to increase the interest in natural stone workmanship, these processes have started to progress rapidly.

Slope stone

As a result of this, it is necessary to put forward both natural and environmentally friendly architectural work for this area. For this purpose, colored and colorless tapes are produced in order to present concrete elements that are known as slope stones and contribute to the creation of green areas where a colorful street texture is created both by preventing landslides and adorned with the architecture of the center.

This stone, which was formed by completely natural formations, continues to be presented as an architectural product, which is transferred from nature to architecture with substance extracts that do not contain any artificial substance. We are extremely proud of continuing to do the flooring for our esteemed customers with a quality approach, with slope stone applications that are processed in different sizes. It will make us happy for you to be with us at this stage.

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