travertine is a deposit which is based on calcium carbonate. It is carried out under pressure as a result of finding the necessary materials with its own formations. like many natural stones travertine has also a lot of functional properties. in very thin layers,Calcium carbonate dissolved in water collapses on rocks as a result of the water coming out suddenly to rise to pressureless environment and the flying carbon dioxide in the water. This accumulation forms travertines with soft lines as pillow over time.

Travertine Usage Areas

Travertine has a warm brown tone and a perforated veined appearance. it has a sympathetic visuality that reflects a soft consistency in the water for a long time. The biggest feature that shows the difference of travertine in building materials is that it is non-slip and It is generally used in wet areas. It actively takes part in areas such as pool side coatings, garden floor coverings, bathrooms, TV back walls, fireplace coatings, chimney coatings, hall walls, kitchen walls, building entrance wall coatings, living room wall coatings. It is frequently used in bedroom wall cladding, workplaces, office wall cladding, hotel entrances and room wall cladding, architectural project wall cladding and building exterior cladding.


It can also be used in indoor and outdoor spaces such as building basement wall coating, garden wall coating, showcase stone coating, back sign stone coating, villa walls coating, ornamental pool edge wall coating, apartment entrance wall coating and so on. It is known as the most

beautiful building material in kitchens as a stone wall cladding material and it is used intensely because of its soft and pleasant appearance.

It is integrated as it is used in parallel with travertine marble. There are travertine hearths in Burdur Bucak and Mersin’s Mut district. Sivas region is also famous for its travertine quarries production. The produced travertines are used as raw materials for rubble, blog and factories.

Classic travertine is one of the travertine types. blasting stone is used as a raw product material in the off-white and beige colors and any furniture wall colors. off-white color is known to be the most admired and most preferred. Blasting stone has a different beauty as it is made of travertine. It looks more natural compared to marble blasting stones. Its visual beauty is at the forefront. travertine has features like other products and stones offered by nature. It is used as an attractive decor product, due to its preferred natural beauty and very functional structure. It is very popular with its non-slip and soft texture. It is often used and offered to customers in the building industry.

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