What is Dolomite Stone


In response to the question of what is dolomite stone, it is the mineral formed as a result of the presence of Mg together with Ca in limestone. The specific weights of these stones differ according to the Mg ratio. Especially, in the sectors that use steel in the industry dolomite stone located in Turkey. They are also used in many different fields such as ceramic, paint, fertilizer, glass, cement, brick and construction industries, and soil reclamation in agriculture.

Dolomite stones has spread in both turkey and wide areas of the non-material world. What is dolomite stone and where is it found the most used is in interest of the manufacturers. The country with the highest production is the USA with 120 million tons. Half the amount of stone is produced all over the world.

In addition, countries such as Austria, England, Belgium, Poland, Spain, Japan, Canada and Brazil also produce 1 million tons of dolomites in a year. Although the use of dolomite stone used in many countries to very different sectors in Turkey it is mainly used in the steel and glass industry.

The question of what is dolomite stone and how these stones are classified is determined by their terms of physical and chemical features and it is spread over 30 different areas. In terms of physical features, it is mostly in concrete construction and road construction.

Its chemical features are mainly used in fertilizer production. Dolomite stone, which are used in brick, cement, glass, and soda industry are important ingredients of paint in the chemical industry.

Dolomite stone are available in almost every region in Turkey. As known, dolomite is a material formed by replacing calcium with Mg. mainly used in iron and steel industries in Turkey. Our company takes big firm steps towards being the best in its field by the production and sale of domino stones.

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