White Pebble Stone


Pebbles are stones that lose their pointed properties as a result of mechanical wear by the movement of water at the creek or seaside.they have different colors with round large and small shape. These natural stones, vary in size from 20 to 70 mm. they are also called river stones in some places. Pebbles, which have rigid structure than limestone are hardly affected by acid.

Pebbles that are shaped in nature possess natural features and they have many different uses in indoor and outdoor spaces. Pebbles with different colors are used as decoration. Decorative mosaics can be created by combining different colors. White ones are called white pebbles. by combining white pebbles, a simple and elegant sense of design can be created within indoor and outdoor decoration. White pebbles create a flashy atmosphere in places where they are used. This type of stone is preferred by those who have a flair for naturalness. They are generally used at the edges of the walkways in the gardens, around the flowers, at the bottom of the pots.

In addition, White pebble stones, which are solution proposals in landscape architecture, are decorative in places they are applied, and have a feature that creates heat and minimizes the effects of cold. White pebbles are very functional in detached houses that are difficult to heat.

By using white pebble stones, we can combine old design concepts with modern dynamics designs, to offer you a very fresh and natural space.

with white pebbles, those who are interested in decoration will have an alternative design that makes nature live in spaces. Decorative and functional application of nature in interior design with stones coming from nature creates an inspiring design concept.

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