White Pebble Stones

Pebble; Pebble is a rock fragment which is smaller than a cobble. They are rounded and/or elliptical in shape, which are generally large and small. Due to erosion effect these rock fragments gets naturally tumbled with flowing river water from mountains towards planes, making its surface smooth.

We offer the best Pebble Stones in turkey and across nations. These pebbles are being procured from the significant names of this discipline. Our company is backed by rich experience in this industry and knowledge of market demands. Therefore, we precisely process these stones using advanced technology accordingly. Keeping in view multifarious demands of the clients, we offer these stones in different colors, sizes and shapes.

White ones can be used in indoor and outdoor decorations only with the combination of whites. White pebbles, which are often found on the edges of the creek, it offers different and functional suggestions for use indoors and outdoors for those who want to create a simple design approach in terms of decoration.

White pebbles, which have a harder structure than limestone, are hardly affected by acids. These pebbles can also be used most often for kitchen, bathroom and flooring decoration purposes.

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